Ladies and dudes, we have a special promotional offer!

Now I am pleased to announce that I will hold the cherry blossom photo session in 2020 again. As the last session in 2018 and 2019 was so successfully over, I will come to Japan for this special event in 2020 as well.

In this limited promotion, 40 minute to 1 hour photo sessions will be offered for the amazing discount price ¥27,000 for weekdays and ¥30,000 for weekends including 40-50 digital photos and a 30 page photo book published with those images.

I am a Japanese photographer based in Los Angeles for 18 years and speaks fluent English. Please do not worry at all unless you are good at Japanese. We will communicate in English from the beginning to the end!

I hope that you will enjoy this limited photo session with the amazing background of beautiful cherry blossoms and feel free to join this event during your exploration in Japan!

ーWorks from the last sessionー

<Location and Date>
* Tokyo, Osaka, Nara
* Late March to early April, 2020

Mon-Fri: ¥27,000
Sat & Sun: ¥30,000

* 40-60 minute photo session
* Including 40-50 images(High res digital files for prints + low res files for SNS and Email)and a free photo Book (8x8" / Soft cover / 30 pages) published with those images (Please see the sample below).
* Photo CD and a photo book will start being shipped internationally in 2 months after the session.


* We are not doing a wedding photo session with a wedding dress, a tux and Japanese Kimono. Please come in semi formal/ casual outfits.
* We do not provide hair/ makeup, rental dress and tux services.
* We do not serve any transportation.

<Cancellation Policy>
●Cancellation prior to 24 hours before the session: Free= ¥0
●Cancellation prior to 24-12 hours before the session: Half price
●Cancellation prior to 12-0 hours before the session: Full price
※No cancellation fee will be charged in the case of heavy rain or any bad weather.

Please pay cash, Japanese yen, after the session. We will not accept any credit card.

Please submit "REGISTRATION FORM" below or bookmark this page so you would not miss the detail announced from now on.


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